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Trekking in Bhutan is very different from the kind of trekking you may be familiar with in other parts of the Himalayas. Here there is no easy going trekking. There is an enormous gulf between accepting the idea of difficulties and actually being confronted with those difficulties on the ground.

Trekking in Bhutan is for true trekking adventures. The climate is much winder, damper and colder then Nepal. The changes in weather are spectacular, and when bad weather moves in it may last for several days. The valley are narrow and once the clouds have swallowed them up, they seem unable to be dislodged, The monsoon arrives around the middle of June and does not really finish until the end of September, leaving only short time for high- altitude treks above 4,000 meters (more than 3,000 feet) than in Nepal, a factor which should not be taken lightly.

Futhermore, it is unthinkable to go trekking alone or without the help of somebody who knows the way. Bhutan is sparely inhabited, there is no detailed trekking maps and only nowadays only the trek routs are marked.

Sometime it is adventures and challenging but sometime if you don’t follow the guides. There scarcity of house means also that there is nowhere to spends night and you must carry food for several days.

So do need to go trekking guide, have a tent and take provisions. The trekker experience guide know the routes and they use prepare their needs along with their guests, like ration of rice and necessity for trek. They loathe having to eat a snack lunch of sandwiches in the middle of the day: they settle down, light a fire and prepare a hot meal. While doing trekking some people rent their horses and yaks as beast of burden. However, they may be good in trekking. Bhutan have different routes of trek like Druk path trek, Dagala trek, Jumolhari trek, snowman trek, Gasa tshachu trek and many more now.

Bhutan is place to come and visit and get your experience in trekking