Taktsang Monastery in Paro Bhutan

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Taktsang Monastery in Paro-Bhutan

Taktsang Monastery is one of the venerated pilgrim sites of Himalayan world. Taktsang Monastery compels on the right, at 2950 metres (9678 feet) above sea level. The buildings are cling to the black rock, over hanging valley. The fact is that the path toward the Taktsang Monastery is very narrow before but now they made quite good.

If you can not walk you have chance to take horse for hire to go up but when you are descending down again have to walk. For people unaccustomed to the altitude it takes about three hours at an average walking speed to reach temples. The path to temple is wide now it rises gently through a forest and come to a hamlet, some after 100 meters (328 feet) beyond, the path crosses a meadow on the other side of which the real climb begin. After reaching certain point where there is first view of Taktsang. Which men you have reached to the tea house. You can also have lunch there while you come back after reaching temple.

The view is very much fascinating that you can see opposite of teahouse where Taktsang monastery is looking at you. After reaching on the second view point of Taktsang Monastery, than you heart beat stop with excitement but the way down begin and have to challenge the steps walking downward along the face of cliff and for several meters, continues downwards to the bridge. Than Taktsang stand above you. At last but not the least you have reached your destination Taktsang Monastery…