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Home stay  or Farmhouse in Bhutan.

Visitors can have a chance to spend the night in the traditional home of Bhutanese family and feel the essence of Bhutan lies in the villages. They preserve much of what Bhutanese life style in Bhutan long time ago and feel the changed. You well get the experience of peace and humble life how Bhutanese farmer is getting into. Your excitement can not control. You will enjoy delicious home- cooked meals and the hospitality of Bhutanese host.

Rooms are clean with comfortable mattress and blankets but they do have basic facilities, sometime sharing basic.

These Farmhouse have been lived in by several generation and are away from town and throw away all luxrury living style. You will sit around the traditional mud clay packed oven were family cook the food for their family.

Get to know how they keep their live-stock and fully surrounded by green farm. Walk to the farm and pluck the organic fruits where are available and eat as you like it.

You will get experience of stone bath with local wine (ara). See how the local true rural family stay. Not only that you can have taste of Bhutanese meals. If traveler, wants to experience the life style of true Bhutanese, feel free to contact us, we can help you make a good packages and send you..

The experience the peace and unforgettable..