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Bhutan is a landlocked mountainous country in the eastern Himalaya. To the north lies China and to its south is India. It is a country roughly the size of Switzerland with a population of nearly seven hundred thousand. People of the north and central parts of Bhutan belong to the mongoloid race while the people from the south belong to the Aryan race. Buddhism and Hinduism are two major religions practiced by the people of the land though other religious beliefs are gaining grounds too. The hereditary monarchy of the past has given way to the democratic constitutional monarchy of the present. Dzongkha is its national language. “Gho” and “Kira” are the national dresses worn by men and women respectively.

Bhutan is a must visit holiday destination for people who are in search of real peace and solitude. It is also an emerald paradise for the seekers of wilderness and wild adventures. The land is proud of the world highest unclimbed peak, its rich floral and faunal diversity, culture like nowhere else and architecture and cuisines which are indeed unique. Another popular brand made in Bhutan is GNH or Gross National Happiness which is the country’s guiding development philosophy-the brainchild of the fourth king. For all these reasons Bhutan is indeed a must visit place on earth.